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Saab 900i 16v Convertible


30,230 miles from new.

Rare find.

Sold new by the Jersey Saab dealer, Abbey Garage, this 900 Convertible was delivered new to a long term Saab stalwart who handed over his 1979 900 GLE as a part exchange!

With the options of metallic paint, automatic transmission, and a chrome grill, the car has remained in the same family ownership.

Father.      1990-2010. new-22,000 miles.
Daughter.  2010-2020. 22-30,000 miles.

Offered for sale for the very first time, it is being sold with all the cars original books, history file, service bills, dealer correspondence, export certificate, Jersey logbook, Nova letter (all duties etc have been paid), original brochure, original order form etc, as much paperwork as any 30,000 mile car could have!

With regards to UK mainland registration,  I am more than happy to help or even carry this out for a new owner, not the most difficult of processes as I do have many years experience which helps!

As far as condition is concerned, it's quite stunning. Clearly no rust (the fact they do not use salt on the roads on the Channel Islands which always helps), the Saab has not been out in the rain many, many a year, always garaged and always properly looked after.

The interior is very clean and tidy, Saab overmats fitted from new, along with its original dealer fitment Philips Stereo Radio Cassette player. A rarity as the dashboard is still pristine, unlike so many 900's which have had 3 tape decks and 4 CD players fitted over the years, usually damaging the surrounding aperture!

The original specification mohair hood is brand new. 

The boot compartment appears unused, the spare unused, jack unused..............etc etc.

The original equipment Saab 3 piece hood cover is present in its original bag.

The car drives beautifully, alas with the advent of time and high mileage, you forget how they should drive, this example is exactly how they should drive, when remembered at the time when they were new.......

My first experience with Saab came in 1980, when my family acquired one of the very last 99 Turbo 3 door models, which is still owned by us today, pristine and low mileage.  Over the years I have owned a 99 GLE, for 19 years a 99 Turbo 5 door, the rarest of the rare. Over 60 900's from a'79 900 Turbo to one of the very last its safe to assume I know my Saab's only too well, to find this example has been a complete joy, as it is like going back in time.

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