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How It All Started


With what started as an innocent purchase by my father in 1970 of a Dinky Toy No. 190 Monteverdi 375L in 'Dwarte Plum' red (if you are reading this you will know exactly what I am talking about) led me to a life long career in the world of Classic Cars.  

Having been accused of spending my time studying 1960's Aston Martins and reading Supercar Classics from issue No.1 rather than A level German and French, (which actually came in handy when dealing with European customers) and then 'overlooked' by Gloucestershire Cricket Club as a future star, a full-time career in the 'Old Car World' was the only option. Using my trusted AC Greyhound - Bristol, the one with the 2.2 litre engine plus overdrive, as my everyday car, as a used Escort was too expensive for me to buy at the time, along with much loathed depreciation, so began a three decade plus 'way of life'. 

Since then I have had the pleasure of owning, selling, restoring, driving and experiencing a varied collection of automobiles.  My interest and passion is still fresh and every week that goes by I am happily adding to my knowledge.

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